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Early registration for HRU2016 Ends September 1st!

Early registration runs through August 31st at midnight. In keeping with the 35th anniversary celebration, there are substantial discounts available to ‘early-birds’ (including the conference registration being offered for $35!). Take advantage of early registration discounts and plan now to attend this very special year at the Houston Roundup. Prices increase by $15 on general registration and each combination package during ‘Regular’ registration. ‘Late’ registration runs the last week before the event and on-site. Prices increase by $15 during ‘Late’ registration as well.

*** Best value***
Early-Bird Conference Registration + Al Anon Luncheon + Banquet – $90.00

Early-Bird Conference Registration +Banquet – $70.00
Early-Bird Conference Registration + Al Anon Luncheon – $60.00
Early-Bird Conference Registration – $35.00

Please note there is a $1 transaction fee added to each registration package (item in your cart) and early-bird registration ends 07/31/2016. 
HRU 2016 - Theme and Logo "Lifelong Friends"


To create a safe and fun opportunity for GLBTs & our friends to celebrate and participate in AA 12 steps and Traditions; to connect through fellowship, service, and spirituality.


Please contact our chairs, Allen B Allen@Allenb or Lisa Mac lisamac@lisamac any comments, questions or suggestions.

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